2023 Impact 50: Marty Diamond

EVP & Managing Executive
Wasserman Music

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For many, 2022 was a return to normalcy and it, too, was for Wasserman Music. But it was also a year of growth – something not many companies can say – thanks to the leadership of individuals such as EVP and Managing Executive Marty Diamond.

“I think being part of the continued growth and success of Wasserman Music is of paramount importance,” Diamond, whose mammoth client roster includes megastars Coldplay and Ed Sheeran, tells Pollstar. “It is not only about the success of our artists but also our agent team and all they have accomplished.”

It’s safe to say that they’ve accomplished quite a bit and will continue to do so. Twenty-six of Pollstar’s Top 200 Worldwide Tours in 2022 were Wasserman Music clients. Diamond and his colleagues navigated their artists through the troubled waters brought on by the pandemic and succeeded.

“I love a good challenge and so do the people I work with,” Diamond says. “It is all about rising to the challenge and making things happen for our artists and Wasserman Music. My creative instincts kick into high gear when I get challenged. I do not think I can point to a specific situation in which we did not collectively surpass expectations.”

Diamond, his clients and the many agents at Wasserman Music have plenty to look forward to in 2023, most notably Ed Sheeran, whose new album just dropped, getting back on the road with his “-” tour.

Outside of working with artists, Diamond and his team are also doing their part to diversify the workplace and assist in reducing the live industry’s carbon footprint.

“We are very engaged and will continue to be so with regards to all of our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts companywide,” he says. “We are also proud of the [music accelerator programs] that we have done with Tennessee State and Howard University and look forward to expanding our efforts. Sustainability is incredibly important to us, and we also are very active in supporting any and all initiatives our clients put forth as well.”