2023 Impact 50: Rob Light



With nearly 40 years at Creative Artists Agency and more than 25 atop its Music department, Rob Light has not only witnessed but had a hand in the evolution of the live music business into the revenue juggernaut it is today. More than just booking concerts, Light and his team have been leaders in developing opportunities for their clients in sponsorships, private events, television, film and literary endeavors as well. And he’s never at a loss for words when it comes to sharing credit.

“I believe the incredible leadership of all our senior staff, the quality and passion of our agents, and the culture of teamwork have led to an amazing year of superstar tours sitting side by side with a huge group of new artists who are connecting and breaking through at every level. Add to that the wonderful new agents who joined us, the fantastic artists who have signed with us, and you have a recipe for success that is unmatched,” Light says.

With CAA’s acquisition of ICM Partners in the last year, the agency is poised for even bigger and better things, particularly in the post-pandemic landscape.

“There are more real, long-term artists breaking than ever before; social media, festivals, packaging and creativity have set the stage for years to come. New genres of music are now mainstream and there are many more about to break through. It is a time of rich opportunity if you are open-minded, passionate and willing to take some chances,” Light says.

But even with a stacked roster and the touring firehose that opened up in 2022 still on full throttle, Light acknowledges that not everything in the business is sunshine and roses: “The challenges are relativity the same. The economy, cost of touring, the value of the dollar versus other currencies; the number of shows, pricing, marketing in a crowded market – you could do an entire issue on these, both looking back at how we dealt with them in the past, and looking forward. But this is where experience, combined with youthful exuberance, will break through and find answers.”