DICE Launches New Groups Feature For Friends To Purchase Tickets

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DICE announced the launch of its new feature, Groups, which now allows friends to purchase tickets for a show together. The new in-app feature aims to alleviate the hassle of planning to go see a show with a large group of friends.

The new feature works by giving fans the option to create a Group from their profile or when saving an event. Friends will be invited to join via an invite link, and Group members can vote on what events they want to attend. Group updates will notify fans when tickets have been bought by other members, and options to purchase tickets individually or for the whole group are available.

“We’ve all made unforgettable shared memories and found our communities at shows — it shouldn’t feel like work to arrange your next night out,” DICE President, Russ Tannen, said in a statement. “DICE’s mission from day one has been to get people out more. We’re proud to constantly innovate with fan-first features like Groups that make it easier than ever to enjoy live shows with your friends.”

The feature aims to get fans out to more shows. In a survey conducted by DICE, 95% of fans polled said they have gone out less since the pandemic and would like to start attending more events, while 28% of those surveyed said they had no one to go to shows with. By introducing Groups, DICE hopes to encourage friends to find and attend shows together.

“Seeing my favorite musicians and DJs play is taken to a whole other level when the experience is shared with friends, so I’m excited that Groups is out in the world to help people lock in their plans with a lot less hassle,” DICE Senior Product Manager, Sabrina Cohan, said in a statement. “The feature has so much potential and it’ll continue to evolve. Watch this space.”