Live Nation Launches App Melding Music And Meditation

Mindful Nation, an app “which seamlessly incorporates music into the practice of meditation,” is now available for download, Live Nation announced July 6.

Available now via the Apple App Store, Mindful Nation offers more than 1,000 classes searchable by trainer, vibe or preferred class duration, all with beats curated by producers and independent artistins including Janax Pacha, Mose Musica, Chris IDH and more.

The app features daily trainer-led classes “tuned to various vibes, on-demand classes for mind, sleep, and day-to-day life, music playlists from artists around the world spanning genres, and ‘breathe with the beat’ exercise,” LN said in a release.

Mindful Nation began primarily as a B2B platform launched by Niamh McCarthy, a former artist manager who worked for Madonna and U2’s management team at Maverick. After experiencing burnout on the road, she spent the next chapter of her life studying meditation, breathwork and yoga.

Relaxed young Asian woman with eyes closed sitting on her bed enjoying music over headphones from smartphone at home
Photo via AsiaVision/Getty Images

“The Mindful Nation app brings together meditation and music in a unique way,” said Michael Rapino, CEO & President of Live Nation. “We first launched Mindful Nation as a program for our employees, and it’s great to see Niamh now bringing the benefits of mindfulness to touring artists and crew across our industry, as well as music fans.”

The platform has been used by artists including Noel Gallagher, who said  “writing music and albums is one kind of meditation, you have to go into a particular state to do it. Music is meditation to me so for Niamh to create Mindful Nation makes so much sense. Music is the gateway to finding that higher place of peace and this platform will allow for more people to access meditation in a way that makes sense to them. It’s really cool.”

Hamish Stephenson, Founder and Creative Director of FALSE 9, a sports and entertainment agency, is Mindful Nation’s Chief Creative Officer. Rapino is the company’s principal investor.