Impact NextGen: Avery Liardon

Avery Liardon
Talent Buyer Assistant To Huston Powell


Growing up in the Austin suburbs, it was perhaps inevitable that live music would be a big part of Avery Liardon’s life.

“I always had an upcoming concert on my calendar. My life as a 15-year-old consisted of constantly begging my parents to drive me downtown to go see a Stubbs show, or a SXSW panel, or to go to ACL. I lived out in the suburbs and had grown to become friends with a group of kids my age who also loved seeing shows and as we grew up together, we grew to love all of the same bands. My best friend, roommate and now coworker at C3 – Chloe Haynes – and I met at a Stubbs show in 2014 and have seen a million shows together ever since,” she says.

Liardon interned at C3’s Austin office in 2019, and worked partner trailers at ACL and Lollapalooza. Just weeks after Lollapalooza 2021, she began working for Huston Powell whom, along with Joe Howard, she counts as a mentor.

“I started working for Huston right after Lollapalooza 2021 with very little knowledge of the music industry and even less knowledge of the talent buying world. I think that what makes Huston so special is his ability to be such a great teacher and an even better coach,” she says. “I have been given responsibilities over the last two years I would have never thought I could have done, and have taught myself to take my own initiative on tasks and projects without being told to do them. I didn’t quite know what I signed up for in September of 2021, but looking back, I am beyond glad I signed up for it.”

Liardon says she loves heading to South America for Lollapalooza’s run there.

“It has been awesome to see these shows go from two years shut down due to COVID, to coming back in 2021 with lots of COVID hoops, and to finally come back in normal circumstances in 2022, all without missing a beat. These shows are epic – I look forward every year to not only the hard work we collectively put in as a team, but to get on the plane to South America to help produce these shows for the best crowds in the world,” she says.