Impact NextGen: Holly Doscher

Holly Doscher
Director of Marketing
Danny Wimmer Presents


As director of marketing at Danny Wimmer Presents, Holly Doscher has worked with announcing festival lineups (Sonic Temple, Welcome to Rockville, Chicago Open Air and Epicenter were announced within a month of her starting), hosted press conferences with Lars Ulrich at Metallica’s headquarters and more.

Doscher got her start working special events, and when she started up with Danny Wimmer Presents, she jumped straight into working with major festivals and show marketing. However, Doescher took it all in stride.

She says she finds her ability — and that of her younger peers ­­­­­— to easily utilize new forms of technology and media is a major asset. The skills translate, giving her the ability to transition from marketing special events to show marketing.

“I believe if it weren’t for being a scene kid in the MySpace era and coding my own backgrounds to a new theme every week (or few days), I might’ve been a psychologist or dental hygienist,” Doscher says. “I … had a knack for figuring out coding along with every other shiny digital tool or social platform that became and continues to become available to us. We learned to be adaptable to the everchanging space that we now live in digitally, and being adaptable is crucial when working in marketing.”

As she rises up through Danny Wimmer Presents, Doscher highlights Chief Marketing Officer Chamie McCurry as her guide and mentor.

“She’s taught me to not always look at one perspective, that there’s value in slowing down, listening, and maintaining curiosity. She’s the leader I want to be for others, and I’m grateful for her mentorship,” Doscher says.

Doscher has already taken on some of what McCurry’s taught her and has been able to provide some advice of her own.

“Be curious about the full picture and how your role supports it,” she says. “Be attentive and listen to what everyone is saying in meetings, particularly when it falls outside of your lane. Be thorough, be consistent. This industry isn’t for everyone … but if you’ve found that it fuels your fire like it does for me, pour gasoline on it and hustle … hard.”