Impact NextGen: Molly Beahen

Molly Beahen
Middle West


Molly Beahen of Middle West didn’t come to the music business by starting out as a street teamer or a merch girl. Her love of music came from a fascination with movie soundtracks.

She learned she could surround herself with music without being a performer and won a label internship in 2010-11.

Beahen made relationships during that time that continue to the present, as the label’s founder and manager became her colleagues again at Middle West, the management company she’s been with for eight years. Beahen’s work includes social justice campaigns and guiding her clients through the Grammy nomination process.

“The highlights of my career have been managing Bon Iver’s gender equity campaign, 2 A Billion, presenting Bon Iver’s multimedia collaboration ‘Come Through’ at the Hollywood Bowl, and releasing Grammy-nominated records on behalf of the talented, generous artists that I work with,” Beahen says.

“Simply put, I make an impact by supporting my artists needs and goals; I do my best to center their perspectives as human beings working in a strenuous, high-energy, passionate field,” Beahen says. “I get to amplify their work — no matter the size of the stage or capacity of the room! And we get to present these tours around the world while gaining new experiences and points of view.”

As a Millennial, Beahen has the advantage of youth and experience – “In a nutshell, I remember Sam Goody AND sharing playlists on DSPs!”

“I value my years of experience balanced with a level of enthusiasm that still values curiosity,” she explains. “There is so much that can be learned from both seasoned and up-and-coming professionals; I feel lucky to be generationally positioned between and amongst such passionate people. Any artist I have worked with has greatly impacted my career and my life! They help me grow and give me outlets to put my best work forward.”