Impact NextGen: Molly Warren

Molly Warren
Vice President, Northeast Booking
Live Nation


Molly Warren, the reigning Pollstar Award winner as Small Venue Talent Buyer Of The Year, still gets those first-show feelings.

“There’s nothing quite like working with artists you used to play on repeat as a teen. Looking back, my younger self would never believe that I now have the fortune of working in this industry. If I’m listening to a newer act and I get the same feelings I had back then, it’s so rewarding to invest in that artist and help them grow in this market,” she says. “Creating opportunities for fans to experience the pure joy that I do when I watch my favorite bands live never gets old.”

Paths to success are as different as the people who walk them. Warren’s started with radio, a restaurant, an insightful friend and an elite mentor.

“When I first graduated college in 2011, I thought I wanted a career in radio. I was interning at a local station while I worked at a restaurant to try and pay the bills. On a tough day, a friend who worked in branding looked at me and said, ‘You need to be around empowered women,’” Warren remembers.

“He introduced me to Stacie George (SVP, Booking, Northeast, Live Nation), and she agreed to take me on as an intern. So, I juggled all three for a couple of months until Stacie brought me on full-time as her assistant and the contracts admin for the Live Nation Philadelphia market. I’ve been with the company ever since.”

And that experience no doubt informed Warren’s advice to the next generation.

“You don’t need to know exactly who you want to be or what you want to do when you are first starting out. If you are resourceful, have a strong work ethic, and are eager to learn, then the rest will fall into place,” she says. “Identify mentors who take time out of their day to teach you and advocate for you, and don’t be afraid to go to them for both advice and feedback. You will only grow from it.”