Impact NextGen: Ron Jordan

Ron Jordan


Look at just about any music chart nowadays and it’s quite a sight with a diverse list of artists of all ages and from across the globe. Technology has made it so much easier to access what we like and algorithms within software have made it so music finds us, encouraging listeners to explore new sounds from other parts of the world.

That discovery and connection formed between listener and artist are what inspired Ron Jordan to pursue a career in live music, and seeing audiences fill up arenas for global artists gives him hope for the music industry.

“One of my favorite concerts this year was our client Rauw Alejandro’s show at the Barclays Center,” says Jordan, an agent at Creative Artists Agency. “I saw fans waving flags from different countries across the diaspora. To me, it felt more like a family party and celebration; a full buy-in from the community at large. We’re seeing international artists from a variety of cultures grow to arena-level acts in the U.S., which means more touring opportunities for other artists in the genres as they grow.”

Jordan didn’t need an app to develop his eclectic taste in music. His dad was a fan of Luther Vandross, jazz and rhythm and blues; his mom listened to Latin music, Prince and Christian music; and his older sister was a ‘90s kid who introduced him to Notorious B.I.G. and No Doubt.

Through his work, Jordan aspires to do for fans what his family did for him: expand their horizons and embrace the diversity of sound and artists.

“As executives in the industry, we have influence and responsibility – my hope is to showcase a diverse and inclusive roster that reflects the many identities across the creative community,” says Jordan. “I hope to try to find ways to diversify what it means to be a music agent.”

It’s a lofty goal, but Jordan believes agents should be just as ambitious as the artists they represent and admire.

“One of my favorite artists is Bill Withers,” he says. “The thing I love most about the music he made is how timeless it is. I think that should be our goal in the industry on all sides – to be a part of something that stands the test of time.”