Global Motion Partners With MMF UK

It’ll be hard to find professionals better equipped to deal with the current international challenges to touring logistics than the people at Global Motion. Through a partnership with MMF, they will share their knowledge with a large network of music managers. (Picture courtesy Global Motion)

Global Motion, which has supplied air, sea, and road freight services to some of music’s biggest names, a well as up-and-coming talent, since its inception in 2003, has partnered with the UK’s Music Managers Forum (MMF).

Since its foundation in 1992, MMF has been educating, informing, and represent UK managers, and partnership with Global Motion is in line with this mission. The freight and charter experts will share their vast experience with those professionals, who’s job it is to get their clients in front of audiences

The current times come with some challenges to international touring, with Brexit complicating the movement of goods and people, a war in Europe, and generally high price levels, to name a few. The association between Global Motion and the MMF “will enable us to give guidance to existing and up-and-coming music mangers on key tour logistics decisions, and help to ensure that their tours run as planned and in the most cost-effective way,” Global Motion’s Sara Gleadhall told Pollstar.

And she continued, “Through MMF, we will be available for advice and support whether the person is our client or not. From expert insight on tour routing and scheduling, to the ever-changing – and vital – paperwork needed across the globe for customs formalities, we will pro-actively develop our own educational recourses while promoting this knowledge sharing to the wider community. We will offer guidance that ultimately benefits the live music eco system in its entirety.”

In a press release announcing the partnership between Global Motion and MMF, Gleadhall said, “Education is something that we’re very passionate about as an organisation, and without the continued drive to learn and better our operations, we wouldn’t be in the position that we are. Our success is down to our incredible clients, most of whom work in concert touring. We have a great deal of respect for what the MMF does, and we’re proud to align with their brand. Through this partnership, we hope to offer support to managers and future managers with up-to-date territory advice for global touring activities, legislation, and logistics.”

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