TAG Announces New Department, Office Focusing On Latin Touring

Byron Carr, TAG’s group touring director, and Tiago Palhares, supervisor of Latin Touring U.S.

Travel and event management company TAG, also known as The Appointment Group, recently unveiled a new division that focuses on the Latin touring sector as well as a brand-new office in Orlando, Florida, to support the new department.

Tiago Palhares was promoted to supervisor of Latin Touring U.S. and will help launch the company’s new sector, which will diversify TAG’s specializations to service a broader client base. He will look to grow the Latin touring business in the States as well as oversee all touring in Latin America.

TAG, which has managed many notable tours across the globe, aims to further establish itself in a Latin music industry that has continually grown over the past decade, especially as the U.S. eased into normalcy following the coronavirus pandemic, by supporting and managing travel logistics for those in the Latin touring business.

The unprecedented Latin music boom truly has been remarkable as the Recording Industry Association of America reported Latin music revenues in the U.S. growing “at an extraordinary pace” in 2022 with a record $1.1 billion in total revenues, a 24 percent increase from the previous year. Four Latin artists cracked the top 25 in Pollstar’s 2022 Year-End Top Worldwide Tours list, including superstar Bad Bunny, who set the all-time touring record with a gargantuan $435 million haul.

“While this music has been around for decades, it is incredible to see an exponential increase in its popularity,” Byron Carr, TAG’s group touring director, said in a statement. “Our goal is to support the expansion of Latin touring by launching this new sector and diversify our offerings to service a broader client base. We recognized that not only would we need to put together a separate team well versed in managing touring travel, but that organizing a bilingual team to properly communicate with our Latin clients was critical. Our newly promoted supervisor of Latin touring U.S., Tiago Palhares, is the perfect fit to lead a team that suits those needs.”

Palhares, a Portugal native, joined TAG more than 10 years ago in its London office. The new Orlando site will give the company a larger presence in the Latin music community, and TAG is working to extend the Latin touring sector in the United Kingdom, as well.

“Latin music reminds me of home and is something that I identify with culturally,” Palhares said. “I am confident that with this new sector, TAG will become one of the leading travel management companies to specialize in Latin artists. I am thrilled to be presented with the opportunity to not only launch a sector that means so much to me but to do so alongside the expansion into Orlando.”