Two Wolves: P!NK’s Red (Wine) Obsession And The Joys Of Farming

MAMA WOLF: When she’s not flying above stadiums, P!NK finds joy in her downtime as a grape grower and vintner at her Santa Barbara, California-area farm where she produces Two Wolves wine. (Photo by Andrew Macpherson)

After months on the road, flying on cables and being shot out of cannons, Alecia Moore – aka this week’s cover artist P!NK – loves to go out between the rows of her 25-acre vineyard in California’s Santa Barbara County wine country and prune vines.

Not a job most people who have to do it claim to enjoy. But when Moore decided to learn about wine, then winemaking, then becoming a winemaker and buying the organic vineyard and farm, the only way she knew how to go in was all in.

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“It’s another [P!NK manager] Roger Davies-inspired moment, that I got from hanging out with him,” Moore says. “He likes really good wine. And so I got to taste a lot of good wine that I never would have been able to afford, otherwise.”

She was also inspired by a film. “I saw a movie called ‘Red Obsession’ and in it is (French businesswoman and winemaker) Lalou Bize-Leroy. And here’s this quirky magnificent woman doing things her way. What a bad ass. And I started to daydream.”

Now that Moore is the owner of a farm, she finds respite in the land.

“I am very disciplined. I like hard work. I really like hard work and I like physical work and winemaking,” she adds. “It’s not as physically demanding as touring, but it is pretty physically demanding when you’re in the cellar and harvesting and all that.”

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She took online enology courses through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust and UCLA, traveled to different wine regions and learned about terroirs, and now produces wine under her own Two Wolves label.

“I would jump off stage sweating and shaking from adrenaline, and hurry to my computer to take my tests. I made pilgrimages to wine regions all over the world: Bordeaux, Australia, Napa, South Africa, Paso Robles, the Central Coast.” And eventually, Two Wolves was born.

Two Wolves wine is avail-able for direct purchase only to members of the “Tribe” – an online notification service that sends invitations to purchase three times a year. So far, it’s produced Syrah, Graciano and Rosé wines.