Impact International UK/Euro: Andre Lieberberg

Andre Lieberberg
President & Managing Director
Live Nation Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Andre Lieberberg Live Nation GSA

Andre Lieberberg looks back on a 21-year career in the business, the past eight of which he’s spent co-running Live Nation Germany, Austria and Switzerland alongside his father Marek. “I am proud about what we’ve achieved thus far, especially during and after the pandemic. The aspiration to always create a better organization and contemplating on what it needs to become a better executive for our staff, clients and partners plays a large role in my current mindset,” he says.

It’s been a year of “record results on many levels,” driven by tours and stadium shows of Depeche Mode, Harry Styles, Beyoncé, Metallica, The Weeknd, Bruce Springsteen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N’ Roses and Coldplay. And Helene Fischer, of course, who sold close to 800,000 tickets across 71 arena dates in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (plus one stadium show in the Netherlands). For any reader still not understanding the phenomenon that is Helene Fischer, Lieberberg breaks it down: “Beyoncé meets Taylor Swift! Not in terms of genre of music or biography, but because of her unrivaled artistic talent and state of the art performance, production, work ethic, integrity, and star power. She is the biggest female stadium-level pop act coming out of Germany ever!”

Lieberberg says, “to rest on one’s laurels would be naive and shortsighted. I am very happy with the fact that after two decades in this business, I am now working with the best team yet. Surrounding yourself with dedicated, skilled and trustworthy people, and supporting them to take responsibility and grow is anaccomplishment that I am pleased with indeed.”

Going forward, he concludes, “Live Nation will continue to offer newcomers and established artists the healthiest and best support system. Not just the promotion part of our business, we also offer a fully integrated set of services in brand partnership and content production, ticketing and festival platforms as well as owned or operated venues.”