Rising Indie UK Booking Agency Upsurge Hires Philippe Van Leuven

Philippe Bandwerk photo

United Kingdom-based independent booking agency Upsurge is not only expanding its team but also going beyond its region with the hiring of Philippe Van Leuven, who will serve as the company’s first European Union-based agent.

Van Leuven was previously at the Belgian agency Bandwerk and has a roster that includes Death Lens, Ruby Haunt, Trauma Ray, Wrong Man, Soft Blue Shimmer and Chase Petra.

“Joining Upsurge is a very logical step to keep developing and growing the acts I’ve been working with the last few years,” Van Leuven said in a statement. “In an already competitive market, it also feels natural to combine forces. I very much admire Upsurge’s existing roster and their artist-focused approach. I’m super pleased to be able to reinforce the team and bring my own personal touch to the already amazing line-up.”

Eddie Griffiths, who started Upsurge in July 2022, is just as enthused to bring Van Leuven on board and grow the team to five members, including agents Lee Bowyer and Oscar Rainy and tour coordinator Flick Price-Thomas.

“Upsurge was born out of a love for alternative music and putting on shows. There’s so many incredible artists coming through those scenes and the underground, so with Upsurge I wanted to provide a home for these types of artists for touring,” said Griffiths, whose roster includes Superheaven, Fiddlehead, Wicca Phase Springs, Speed and Split Chain.

“The stellar network of independent venues throughout the UK and Europe plays a very key role in what we do and is vital to our artists,” Griffiths adds. “I’m stoked to be part of an incredible team of Flick, Oscar, Lee and now Philippe who all share that same passion as I do and do it for the love of it. I didn’t expect things to grow like they have over such a short period of time and I’m truly honored that Upsurge gets to work with so many of our favorite artists. This is all down to the hard work of our growing team.”

In only a few years, Upsurge has achieved several highlights, including booking artists on premier European festivals — such as Download, 2000Trees, Outbreak and Full Force — and Fiddlehead’s successful UK tour, which included back-to-back sold-out nights at The Garage in London. The company also works with the pop-punk band The Movielife, which will be out on tour this year.