2024 Women of Live: Claudia Arcay

Senior Vice President of Entertainment | Loud And Live


Miami-based promoter Loud And Live has not only gone global with shows around the world but has gone outside the Latin genre with its inaugural Country Bay Music Festival, and a big chunk of that diversification can be attributed to Claudia Arcay, the company’s senior vice president of entertainment.

Arcay has helped the promoter become one of the most successful independent entertainment companies in the industry. Loud And Live produced over 400 shows and sold nearly 2 million tickets across the Americas, finishing 26th on Pollstar’s 2023 Top 100 Promoter Grosses with more than $105 million. Loud And Live promoted shows for Latin stars like Carlos Vives, Ricardo Arjona and Fito Páez.

Despite such success for Loud And Live that Arcay referred to as “particularly transformative,” she’s wary of what’s ahead in the live music space and plans to proceed in 2024 with caution to ensure the promoter maintains momentum.

“Economic factors and increased selectivity among audiences suggest a need for a more conservative approach this year,” Arcay tells Pollstar. “With an abundance of musical content available, the saturation in the live music market is evident. Therefore, diversifying into other types of entertainment, such as family events, could help address this challenge and provide audiences with fresh experiences.”

Arcay approaches every project with dedication and an understanding of the fan, traits she learned working alongside Vives as his business manager, an experience that “shaped her career profoundly.” Her personal highlight of 2023 was seeing Vives joined onstage by Shakira at Kaseya Center in Miami, where the two performed their hit song “La Bicicleta” together live for the first time.

“Carlos is not only a visionary artist but also a multifaceted creative force, excelling as a composer, producer, singer and actor,” Arcay says. “… From my time with Carlos, I’ve gleaned essential lessons, chief among them the importance of infusing passion into every aspect of one’s work. This ethos has become a guiding principle in my role at Loud And Live, where we strive to ensure that each concertgoer experiences nothing short of excellence.”