2024 Women of Live: Darby Moeller

Senior Director of Business Development | Sixthman

As Senior Director of Business Development at Sixthman, Darby Moeller leads a team that develops and creates the destination event concepts that Sixthman is known for. In her more than 11 years there she’s built cruise and resort festivals with a diverse range of artists and brands including Paramore, Jon Bon Jovi, Hallmark, Train, Coheed and Cambria, Kesha, Bert Kreischer and Rock The Bells. In 2023, Sixthman organized 18 at-sea events, which were 90% sold out. For 2024, the company has 22 planned, 11 of which are first-time.

And there’s even more branching out planned down the road with “unique events” planned for 2025 and 2026. The Golden Era has indeed proved fruitful for Moeller and Sixthman and she says it’s sustainable if artists and the industry are thoughtful.

“I believe this trend has everything to do with people seeking connection and community. It’s not just about how the artist connects to their fans themselves; it’s just as much about how they facilitate connecting their fans to each other, whether it’s on TikTok, in line for the show, or on a cruise ship. So while some aspects of the live entertainment industry may lose momentum, other avenues could hold steady or even grow. The artists who put a lot of intention into creating shows, content, or experiences that foster deeper personal connections for their fans to the art, artists, and fellow fans are the ones that will thrive in this golden age or any era beyond it,” she says.

Moeller cites Nina Webb, a long-time label marketing exec, as a mentor and implements much of what she taught her at Sony and Columbia in the way she leads the next generation.

Moeller says while she’s often still the only woman in the room, things are improving, but small steps can do as much as sweeping changes.

“One simple yet impactful approach that I emphasize is inviting interns, assistants, or new hires to observe a meeting or calls. Granting access to conversations and the decision-making process offers valuable insights and nurtures professional growth, which can significantly influence both their immediate experience and long-term career trajectories,” she says.