2024 Women of Live: Dayana Fuentes

Booking & Touring Director | Rancho Humilde


There may not be anyone in music today busier than Dayana Fuentes, booking and touring director for popular Latin entertainment company Rancho Humilde and, despite the challenges that come with the job, the Guadalajara, Mexico, native can’t help but enjoy the ride.

Rancho Humilde is at the forefront of música Mexicana with Fuerza Regida, Natanael Cano and Junior H on their roster, taking the genre to new heights creatively and economically, and Fuentes has been essential behind the scenes in helping the Latin stars develop on the road.

“The biggest success of the past year for me and my company was to take música Mexicana to stadiums — not only in Mexico but also the U.S. with some of the most well-known artists in the genre like Fuerza Regida and Junior H — and feel how the music has grown and opened doors for other artists,” Fuentes tells Pollstar.

One of those major successes was Fuerza’s sold-out July show at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles that grossed $3.68 million, according to Pollstar Boxoffice reports. Fuentes said a lot of work went into the concert and no one believed it would perform so well. “To see how we were able to ensure that fans could see themselves represented by the group on such an important stage was comforting. It was worth it,” she adds.

It’s no coincidence that the ascension of Mexican music correlates with the rise of live entertainment, and the term “Golden Age” could refer to the current period of both the Latin genre as well as the music industry.

Rancho Humilde has had a hand in the rise of Mexican music, and the company led by CEO Jimmy Humilde wants to open doors for not only Latin artists but women interested in the industry — and Fuentes can attest to that vision.

“My mentors who have formed the person I am today and who I am grateful for are my three bosses: Jimmy Humilde, Roque Venegas and Jose Becerra,” Fuentes says. “They have shown me to fight for what I believe in, and I’ve felt their support in every decision I’ve made. … Historically, this has been a job dominated by men, but in recent years we’ve seen an increase in women working on tours. What I would like to continue seeing is the support of women toward other women.”