2024 Women of Live: Gayle Holcomb

Partner & Agent | WME

In August, Gayle Holcomb will celebrate her 40th anniversary at WMA/WME, marking a remarkable milestone for the Los Angeles-based agent who represents Josh Groban, Barry Manilow, Alanis Morissette, Chris Botti and Rick Springfield.

When Holcomb joined the agency nearly four decades ago, two mentors took her under their wings and helped lay the groundwork for her successful career. She credits Dave Douds and Paul Moore for teaching her what she knows about the music business, telling Pollstar, “They instilled [in me] to have an open dialogue with our customers, buyers and promoters. To give them the best service I could. To be honest and own up to any mistakes.”

That advice continues to guide her today. She’s preparing for a busy 2024, with the majority of her clients out on the road and achieving career highs.

“I love all my clients and so many of them have incredible work to share this year, but I’m particularly excited about Alanis Morissette touring the U.S. this year and working on her international tour for 2025,” Holcomb says. “Barry Manilow at 80 wants to work a lot next year and we are now – I can’t believe he’s about to break Radio City Music Hall’s record for most shows performed (besides the Rockettes, of course!), Josh Groban will be touring in 2025, first time since he was on Broadway starring in “Sweeney Todd” where he sold out more than 300 shows. Rick Springfield will have a tour in 2025; Chris Botti will work 300 days a year – I am always amazed that he plays 56 shows at the Blue Note in December. Christina Perri will have new product out this year and I’m very excited to get her back on the road.”

Holcomb also makes sure to take the time to mentor younger agents starting off at WME, passing forward the knowledge she gained from Douds and Moore. She encourages them to consistently check in on their buyers, emphasizing that email isn’t the way to build relationships and it’s always best to talk to someone on the phone. She says her door is always open, and everyone is welcome to come in and discuss anything: “Work, personal, or any frustrations they may have at the office, I try to give them the best advice I can.”