2024 Women Of Live International: Kim Bloem


The resilience of this group of people is enormous,” says Kim Bloem, speaking about the professionals working in live in general, and her team at MOJO Concerts in particular.

“Coming from a very depressing period, and to accelerate from zero to 200, is quite an accomplishment.” Highlights of 2023 include sold-out shows by Madonna, Diana Ross, and Beyoncé, as well as a very special concert by Lana Del Rey on July 4 in Amsterdam.

“The opportunity of doing the show only came to me 11 days before the actual date,” Bloem says. “Within two days we had a confirmed deal, we announced the show seven days in advance, and started ticket sales only five days ahead of the show date. The show sold out in a heartbeat, the buzz was crazy, the show was phenomenal. It was also an amazing effort from everybody on the team in our busiest period of the year to pull this off.”

It goes to show how eagerly fans are buying tickets at the moment, and Bloem thinks, “that this will continue in the near future. People want to go out, spend their money on experiences. Also, looking at the younger generation, for instance, who consume music through all the different social media platforms, it results in them having an extremely broad interest in all genres.”

And it’s not just the international superstars selling out. While MOJO’s 2024 will see no shortage of major concerts (with Bloem saying, “There are a couple of very exciting shows that will be announced soon, shows that will create a huge buzz”), she says the company is also “focusing on growing our domestic department and roster, which creates a lot of opportunities for us to be creative, and be part of the team with artists and managers in order to develop the amazing talent we have in the Netherlands.”

Bloem learned the ins and outs of this business from pioneers of the Dutch live entertainment scene like the late Robert van Ommen, and fellow MOJO icons Rob Trommelen, Leon Ramakers, and John Mulder. “At the same time,” says Bloem, “Nicoline de Kock, Kelly Chappel, Anna Sjölund, amongst others, have inspired me, and are a great bunch of people, who will always have my back.”