2024 Women Of Live International: Lucy Noble


Lucy Noble joined AEG Presents in 2022 , which was big news, not just because she left London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall after more than 20 years but also because AEG Presents had created an entirely new position, tasking Noble with developing and expanding AEG’s touring and live events business.

“I’m basically operating a start-up model at AEG – there’s a lot to be done,” says Noble, who serves as AEG Presents’ artistic director.

It’s easy to see why Noble was the ideal choice considering the incredible and diverse program the Royal Albert Hall has been putting on each year, which is largely due to Noble’s work. Since she joined AEG Presents, the company has taken on “some great new promoters, who are taking us into new areas,” she explains. Noble adds, “This has been really impactful in a positive way for the organization and there are lots of exciting things to come with potential strong growth,” including “new genres such as the family market,” which she describes as “a key area for development.”

Last summer, Noble broke new ground by programming and producing the first-ever orchestral concert to be presented at BST Hyde Park, featuring the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, and celebrated UK tenor Alfie Boe. This year, she’s working with the Blue Man Group, though it was too early to share details at press time.

A lot of the industry’s success right now is being driven by major artists, but Noble emphasizes, “We need to make sure we are encouraging and supporting the next generation of artists alongside this.” And commenting on the state of women representation in this biz, she says, “There is certainly a lot more work to be done in this area. Since entering the world of promoting, I can see that it’s still very male-dominated at the senior levels. There are, however, some great female promoters coming up through the pipeline which is promising.”

Lucy Noble is a founding member of LIVE, the UK industry body representing the live entertainment sector, and has recently been appointed vice chair of Nordoff & Robbins, the UK’s largest music therapy charity. Noble is also a trustee of London Youth Choirs and previously held the chair of the National Arenas Association, which represents 23 UK-based arenas.