2024 Women of Live International: Melanie Sharon Eselevsky

Booking Manager | Move Concerts Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Argentina is having quite a moment right now when it comes to music. The country that once was a hotbed for great Spanish-language rock acts is on the rise again, but this time in trap and Latin hip-hop with Bizarrap, Maria Becerra and Tiago PZK, and they’re elevating the nation as well as the live business.

One of the companies benefiting from the Latin cultural movement is Move Concerts, which cracked Pollstar’s 2023 Top 100 Promoter Grosses by earning more than $37.3 million.

“I mean, the Latin market’s insane,” Phil Rodrigeuz, CEO of Move Concerts, told Pollstar last November. “It’s just unstoppable.”

Luckily for Rodriguez, he’s got people like Melanie Sharon Eselevsky to help him navigate the “insane” market.

“Riding the waves of Latin America’s economy and politics is always a victory,” Eselevsky, booking manager for Move Concerts Argentina, tells Pollstar. “Our territories have this talent for surprising us in the most unexpected ways. At Move Concerts, I think we’ve excelled by adapting and evolving through the daily challenges we face, delivering quality experiences for our clients with the most amazing artists.”

Move Concerts has managed to strive despite Argentina’s economic strife because people needed an escape, and they preferred to spend on the live experience, says Eselevsky, who credits the promoter’s success to her mentors and female colleagues for providing a safe work environment.

“Feeling comfortable in my workplace was key to gaining confidence and developing my career,” Eselevsky says. “Shoutout to incredible women like Betina Canalis, Marlene Kerschen and Marcela Pinelli, true pillars of my career (and emotional stability).”

Their leadership inspired Eselevsky to pass on what she’s learned to the new young hires.

“As a senior (but not old) team member, I want my mentees to have all the freedom and trust they need,” she says. “I push them to make conscious choices, stand up for their ideas, and keep our working vibes positive. Mistakes happen and we learn from them — we are producers; we are here to solve them. Our latest hires have been a blast, and I’m stoked for what’s coming next.”