2024 Women of Live International: Wesley Elizabeth Cullen

Head of Latin America, VP of International Business Development | Oak View Group
San Juan, Puerto Rico


Oak View Group, the parent company of Pollstar, has consistently made headlines when it comes to venue news. The global development, advisory and investment company is on the verge of opening up an exciting new venue in Manchester, England, and several more are in the pipeline, including a 20,000-capacity arena in São Paulo, Brazil, with the help of Wesley Cullen, the former general manager of Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan who has witnessed the potential of Latin America firsthand.

“Our São Paulo arena is a game-changer for Latin America,” says Cullen, OVG’s head of Latin America and vice president of international business development. “It’s an honor to be part of delivering the arena this great city deserves. Further north, I’m enjoying our collaboration advising the entrepreneurs developing Guatemala’s first indoor arena. I can’t share the next big thing, but we’re very excited.”

Having a talent like Cullen spearheading conversations and taking charge in Latin American countries is a testament to the evolution of the industry and region, both of which are becoming more cognizant of diversity and gender balance.

“I’m proud to be part of a company with women in top roles and passionate support from male colleagues and mentors,” Cullen says. “Navigating inclusion can be complicated, and uncomfortable moments arise. I’d like to see us all lean into the discomfort so we can all benefit from the connection, enrichment and trust on the other side of that fear.”

Cullen exhibits that intrepidness when navigating complicated Latin American markets that are often roadblocked by government policies. She has built trust with local entrepreneurs and municipalities, and so now the challenge is picking the right market for everyone involved, including OVG. Her focus is on launching the São Paulo arena, which she believes will catalyze the construction of more venues across Latin America.

“I think it’s only a matter of time,” Cullen said. “It’s wonderful to have seen the continued development over the last few years. When São Paulo launches, I think we’ll accelerate the continued development of venues in communities and economies that are ready, which will eventually hopefully be all of them!”