2024 Women Of Live: Melissa Garcia

Creative Director | Silent House Productions

Spending the last year serving as the choreographer for Olivia Rodrigo’s “Guts Tour,” the woman who got her start doing public relations in the financial industry — and chased her dream of moving into entertainment at the behest of her boss — understands Rodrigo’s joy of discovery from a visceral place. Melissa Garcia’s break into entertainment was booking a world tour as a dancer with Celine Dion, whom she describes as “the most loving, caring, compassionate and talented artist.”

Garcia adds that the experience “really made me grow as a person. I still say it’s my most cherished job as a performer.”

With Rodrigo, “being part of the growth process and journey for an artist who is embarking on their first arena tour is incredibly gratifying as I’m used to working with artists who have released multiple albums, which makes all this come very easy. To help Olivia grow, learn and share her story is an incredible experience. It’s nice to share what works and what doesn’t work, and to have an artist who’s hungry and genuinely nice and talented to work with.”

For Rodrigo’s tour, which launched Feb. 23 at Acrisure Arena in Palm Desert, California, Garcia interfaced with Silent House Studios teams and other companies across the entertainment space. CEO/founder Baz Halpin encouraged her. “His way of training is you’re going to get down and dirty and get into the trenches. You need to find out who you are and find your voice. Listen, learn, see, then create who you are.”

For a woman who believes, “once a performer, always a performer,” the creator brings that sense of connection forward in everything she does. Next: something very special Garcia can’t reveal for Coachella. As she explains of her evolution, “I started off as a professional dancer, then transitioned into production and went on to work with Silent House, putting my footprint on this ‘side of the fence.’ When I got into the industry, there weren’t that many on this side who were women. It’s starting to become a larger pool …
“I’ve had to develop my voice, strength and courage, partly because I haven’t had a choice. I’ve learned to not see gender, rather just another colleague.”