2024 Women of Live: Misty Roberts

Tour Manager | HAIM
Tour Coordinator | “The Trilogy Tour” (Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin and Pitbull)

Misty Roberts has been in the live business for over 20 years, working her way up from accompanying regional bands on van and trailer tours to world treks that have taken her to all seven continents including the only show ever in Antarctica (Metallica in 2013).

She most recently served as the tour coordinator for “The Trilogy Tour” featuring Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin and Pitbull and is
the current tour manager for HAIM, whose 2023 plans included
performing select dates on Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour.” Roberts points to continuing into year two of working with HAIM “and really re-examining the humanity of what we do on the road” as her most impactful success of the year: “Having the autonomy given by the artists to look at a tour and truly see what we can do in the planning of a tour and execution to make it more comfortable for the artists as well as the crew while also maintaining budgets and profits.”

From her work creating an online space for Women in The Touring Industry with over 2,000 members and organizing the Women in Touring Summit to her knack for speaking on industry panels, Roberts is passionate about standing up for equality and mental health awareness.

Roberts describes working with HAIM as a match made in heaven that led to having 50% women on their crew when the “One More Haim Tour” launched in April 2022. While HAIM’s tour is an example of what’s possible, there’s still much much more to be done in the

“I would like to see hiring parties not just giving up when it’s hard to hire inclusively,” Roberts says. “I’m the first to say it takes more work. You have to do more research on people when you are looking through resumes. I often have to branch out myself and disregard the resumes sitting in front of me and go on a hunt. But I can promise you, it’s worth it. When you look out and see that you have partnered with your artist and provided opportunity and inclusivity to everyone, it’s a pretty incredible feeling.”