2024 Women Of Live: Sali Kharazi

Artist Manager | Full Stop Management

Sali Kharazi is bullish on live. The Full Stop artist manager believes the so-called “Golden Era” isn’t over: “The momentum is going to pick up. I feel like live entertainment will continue to grow bigger and bigger every year. [The election] will only make tours and attendance grow. A live show is its own version of a rally and a sense of community that people crave, especially around elections. I’d love to see more tours link up with organizations like Headcount to encourage everyone to go out and vote!”

Guiding dynamic female artists Meghan Trainor and Tate McRae, Kharazi hopes women’s roles on the road expand.

“There’ve definitely been efforts within the industry to create a more inclusive environment; however, I feel we have a long way to go. I would love to see more women on production teams, running front of house, monitors, lighting, production and everything in between.”

Having watched McRae push herself in the studio to create the music she truly wanted to make, Kharazi honors the singer/songwriter’s commitment to matching that execution on the road. “She puts that effort into her live shows, always trying to push the envelope from one performance to the next.”

Pushing herself and watching her clients grow also yields a ripple effect. Gearing up for 2024, the empowering University of Southern California grad cheers Trainor’s upcoming music “along with a live element we can’t wait to announce.” Even more telling, choreographer/client Charm La’Donna, who’s worked with Trainor, Dua Lipa, Kendrick Lamar, Rosalía and The Weeknd, “is working with various artists on upcoming tours, music videos, films, brand campaigns and so much more.”

Kharazi is known for her marketing acumen established at LMFAO’s Big Bad Entertainment as the Director of Media & Branding, something honed with two domestic and three international tours with the dance music perception-shatterers — even the sky isn’t the limit. Identifying her best 2023 live experience, she proclaims, “Nothing compares to U2 at Sphere. There is no other show in existence like what they have created: the perfect bridge between music, performance and technology, a glimpse into the future of how much we can push the limits of live.”