2024 Women Of Live: Stacy Vee

Executive Vice President | Goldenvoicce

There was a moment during Pollstar Live’s “Genre Spot-light: Country!” session when Live Nation’s Tara Traub addressed Goldenvoice’s Stacy Vee, whose companies are natural competitors. “In some ways, we’re rivals,” she said, “but I have to thank (Stacy) for introducing me to many new artists.”

Traub isn’t the only one grateful for Vee’s expansive tastes and booking prowess, which for this year’s Stagecoach Festival includes everyone from Diplo to Nickelback to Marty Stuart. It’s a reflection of Vee’s vast knowledge of the country market and its fans who can’t easily be categorized. “It works because fans aren’t just listening to one kind of music,” Vee told the panel. “They listen to country music. They also listen to rap and hip-hop. And they all want to go to Stagecoach.”

This bears out when Vee reveals her most impactful success of the year: “Selling out Stagecoach in RECORD time” she says of the Indio, California fest which attracts more than 75,000 people annually. “It speaks to how strong the country genre is at the moment and it never hurts to give people a hefty dose of the unexpected.” Or book everyone from Willie Nelson to Jelly Roll to Post Malone.

It makes more sense when Vee cites the “The Greatest Night in Pop” (“We Are The World”) documentary as a recent inspiration. “What a magical time in music, so many icons coming together … to have been in that room, wow!”

While Vee believes 2024 will be a success, she isn’t completely bullish: “We will continue to see tours and festivals performing at a high level so long as they have something super unique to offer. I predict high highs and low lows.”

When asked about her mentors, the promoter cites one of the greats and one of this year’s Women of Live Hall Of Fame inductees. “I have learned so much from Marsha Vlasic throughout our long and close friendship,” she says. “She is so loyal and dedicated to her artists. I see her at more festivals and events than anyone! I apply that to everything I oversee at Goldenvoice.”