2024 Women of Live: Tina Farris

CEO/Tour Manager | The Most Collective & Tina Farris Tours

Tina Farris is among the most vocal advocates for what might be called a culture of abundance in the live industry. She pushes for gatekeepers to open up the doors. She’ll tell you the industry — particularly on the production side — needs more people, more supplies, more ideas coming from more brains in more places, so the industry is more fair and more sustainable. It’s a philosophy she promotes at conferences, on panels and in conversation to anyone who will listen.

“Addressing the escalating costs of touring and the rising costs of living for artists and professionals in the industry is essential. The challenges posed by inflation and the influence of greed need to be acknowledged and effectively dealt with to prevent these factors from negatively impacting the industry’s vitality,” she says. “In essence, for the Golden Age to endure, there must be a collective effort to create a more sustainable business model. Collaboration among industry stakeholders is key to developing strategies that ensure fair compensation for all involved parties. A more equitable distribution of resources and opportunities will contribute to a healthier and more resilient live entertainment ecosystem.”

To that end, this year the veteran tour manager — who left teaching in 1999 to “join the circus and see the world” on tour with The Roots — launched The Most Collective, a collaboration platform for the creative industry that seeks to prepare the next generation of tour managers, connecting them with veterans and providing real-world training and mentorship. 

“It has become a central hub where the most skilled and experienced professionals converge to breathe life into creative visions. The emphasis on live production has been a cornerstone, and it has allowed us to excel,” Farris says. “I firmly believe that fostering a collaborative environment not only cultivates creativity but also establishes a valuable pipeline for education and provides a much-needed retirement plan for individuals in an industry that lacks a union. TheMostCo.co represents an opportunity to revolutionize the way we approach work and community within the entertainment sector.”