Women Of Live Hall Of Fame: Amy Corbin

Promoter | C3 Presents, Live Nation

I can’t think of another person more deserving of being honored in the Pollstar Women Of Live Hall of Fame. Amy is someone who leads with strength and determination and doesn’t allow herself to be bound by norms or ceilings. She speaks up and advocates for herself, her co-workers, her opinions and what she believes in, even when it is hard. She’s someone who will always make room at the table for someone who deserves to be there, and she’s pretty good at figuring out who those people are. Most of all, she is fucking fun.” – Margaret Galton, Talent Buyer at C3 Presents

WOL: 2020, 2021 & 2023, Impact 50: 2020, 2022 Cover Honoree & 2023


The live entertainment biz reached new heights in a post-COVID world with records shattering across the industry, and such feats wouldn’t have happened without luminaries like Amy Corbin leading the charge, cementing her place in Pollstar’s Hall of Fame.

She exhibited initiative from the get-go, even as a college graduate who had no idea what the future held for her. She helped Charles Attal, who founded C3 Presents along with Charlie Walker and Charlie Jones, answer phones during SXSW back in 1999, a gig she initially thought would be only a few days a week, but as the company grew, so did Corbin’s footing in the industry.

An ambitious Corbin took on more responsibilities but quickly learned the hard way that she still had a lot to learn about the live business. Corbin lost $12,000 on her first show during a time when the company couldn’t afford to lose that kind of money.

“I realized that I need to focus on smaller shows and learn the fundamentals and execution on each step before moving to the next step,” Corbin tells Pollstar. “That experience got me to my first club show, then my first outdoor Stubb’s show, then my first arena show, then my first festival and at one point booking Bonnaroo, Voodoo, Music Midtown and Austin City Limits Fest in the same year, and now running the South region for Live Nation concerts. I love a good challenge.”

The valuable lessons from small, intimate concerts have led Corbin and C3 Presents to put on some of the biggest shows on the planet, including ACL, which had a diverse 2023 lineup topped by Kendrick Lamar, Foo Fighters, Shania Twain, Mumford & Sons and Odesza.

One of the biggest shows put on by the company was 2021’s Lollapalooza amid the pandemic, a gamble that paid off in so many ways as it showed the world that large in-person events could safely be achieved.

It’s forward-thinking moments like those that warrant Corbin’s place among the top live executives of all time. She walked so other women could run, and Corbin is hopeful that the industry will soon be a true reflection of the fans and artists currently driving the live music business.

“The door is open,” Corbin says. “I know there are areas where we need more balance, but I do feel a positive shift is happening in the live music space. It’s exciting to see what organizations like LP Giobbi’s Femme House are doing with female producers. Pollstar continues to highlight women in every issue, which is great to see. It will take time to build and introduce the live industry to women, but we are on our way.”

Thankfully, women like Corbin are there to lead the way.