CTS Eventim Celebrates 18th Record Year Since IPO

Apache 207 concert in Berlin
German rapper and singer Apache 207, shown here at his Sept. 17, 2023 performance at Berlin’s Waldbühne, is one of the strong ticket sales drivers for CTS Eventim. (Photo by Hannes P Albert/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Ever since CTS Eventim offered its stocks to the public for the first time in the year 2000, the live entertainment giant has set a new record almost every year, with the 2023 year-end figures being no exception.

In 2023, as previously reported by Pollstar, CTS Eventim surpassed the $2bn revenue figure for the first time in company history. As a reminder, group revenues stood at €2.359 billion ($2.5 billion) at the end of the fiscal year, which not only marked a 22% increase compared to 2022, but also the 18th record figure since the IPO.

The good news for all shareholders, according to a CTS Eventim press release: “at €1.43 per share, the planned dividend is at its highest ever level.”

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For CTS Eventim CEO Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, these numbers are “proof that live entertainment is once again driving the arts and creative sectors. We owe this primarily to the creativity of the artists who delight their fans around the world day in, day out. It is also thanks to the countless promoters who, with their boldness and entrepreneurial spirit, stage events and create unforgettable experiences. And last but not least, our team and our technologies ensure that live cultural events can thrive and that everyone involved can make a living from their work. Our platforms and systems are synonymous with performance and reliability – as are the company itself and everyone who works here.”

The biggest driver of growth last year was the ticketing segment, which notched up annual revenue €717.3 million ($777 million), a 32% increase, driven by great demand for shows including Taylor Swift, Rammstein, Apache 207, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, and Paul McCartney.

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A key focus for CTS Eventim in 2023 was the expansion of business in North America. New partnerships with Mammoth, Inc, and AG Entertainment Touring provided a boost, and the establishment of the new company The Touring Co. in collaboration with up-and-coming promoter Walter McDonald in December 2023 “shows that CTS EVENTIM is forging ahead with its internationalization strategy.”

In view of this strong business performance, the CTS EVENTIM executive board and supervisory board will propose at the annual shareholders’ meeting on May 14, to distribute €137.3 million ($149 million) in dividends to shareholders. This sum, which equates to 50% of net income or €1.43 per share (previous year: €1.06 per share), is “the highest dividend in the company’s history.”

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