2024 Impact 50 Honoree: Darryl Eaton


FIRST JOB IN THE BIZ: Columbia/Def Jam Intern
“Ass in Chair…”


What do the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Kelly Clarkson, blink-182, RBD, Glass Animals, Arcade Fire, A$AP Rocky and Enrique Iglesias have in common besides being some of the top touring artists of our time? Darryl Eaton. As this was going to print, the former co-head of North American music was named co-head of global touring alongside Rick Roskin and Emma Banks.

Eaton reveals that the secret to his special agenting sauce and all his clients’ successes is “putting in the time, hours in the office and out-working the competition.” That’s an ethos, he says, that permeates the entirety of CAA, which boasts some of the industry’s top talents.

Backing up these artists’ success is Pollstar’s Boxoffice Reports: Red Hot Chili Peppers, had a massive ’23 traversing North America and Europe. Highlights include sellouts at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on April 1, 2023, grossing $4.5 million. blink-182’s stellar year included a massive $7 million gross at Quodos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia, on four shows in February. Their last North American dates in the summer of ’23 included numerous dates pushing past $2 million per show. Pollstar caught up with Eaton to get more about his secret sauces:

POLLSTAR: What were your most impactful accomplishments and initiatives this year?
DARRYL EATON: As an agent, operating three different stadium tours for three different clients in the U.S. and internationally. For our department, overseeing the most successful touring year in the history of the agency. It was truly an exceptional year.

What opportunities do you see in the ever-evolving live industry for agencies?
The coming year looks like another year of continued but measured growth. I would expect a leveling off of the post-pandemic euphoria and a return to good agenting. Strategy around pricing, marketing, creative, packaging and advertising shows is really going to matter now more than ever to have your artists stand out.

What business philosophy or words of wisdom most often guide you?
“Ass in chair,” as we like to say. Your best work is done by putting in the time, hours in the office and outworking the competition.