Advisory Group Named For MIT’s Live Music And Climate Change Study

Coldplay photo credit Stevie Rae Gibbs
Photo by Stevie Rae Gibbs

MIT’s comprehensive study of live music and climate change — funded by Coldplay, Warner Music Group, Live Nation, and Hope Solutions — now has an advisory committee brimming with big names in live entertainment alongside respected academics.

The study — officially “Assessment Report of Live Music and Climate Change” — was announced by MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative, one of the world’s top climate and environmental research groups, in January with an expected completion in July.

Now, the release is expected in the fall “to allow for more comprehensive data collection and analysis.”

In the meantime, the formation of the advisory committee, with a broad cross-section of expertise, is intended to “(ensure) that the proposed strategies are relevant and practical in implementation, thereby enhancing the potential to drive meaningful change across the live music industry.”

Members of the committee were selected based on their individual areas of expertise across core areas which include, but are not limited to, venue management, tour management and production, artist relations and sustainability. 

The aim of the study is to develop a comprehensive assessment of the relationship between live music and climate change; identify key areas where the industry and concert goers can make tangible improvements to reduce emissions and drive planet-positive outcomes; and provide a detailed analysis of the latest developments in technology and practices that industry players can tap into.

The report will seek open contributions of data from those with field-specific knowledge that will ultimately be used to suggest sector-specific and industry-wide decarbonization solutions. To contribute data to this report, please email [email protected]

Advisory committee members include:

  • Adam Hatton, Founder and Managing Director of Global Motion Ltd.
  • Adam Met, PhD. Executive Director, Planet Reimagined, Member of AJR
  • Alex Pollock, Artist Manager & Touring Consultant, Baron Global
  • Ali Viles, RF Engineer, Coldplay
  • Andrew Thornton, Production Manager, Harry Styles / Shawn Mendes
  • Arlene Moon, Co-Manager, Coldplay 
  • Baz Halpin, Production Director Silent House, Taylor Swift
  • Brian Levine, President, Projects TAIT
  • Caius Pawson, Founder of YOUNG and Murmur
  • Chris Kansy, Production Manager / Concert Touring Industry
  • Ciaran Flaherty, Tour Director Global Touring, Live Nation
  • Clyde Lawrence, Bandleader/Producer/Songwriter for Lawrence, Co-Founder of SB Sound Solutions Inc. 
  • Danielle Magalhaes, Global Climate Action Team Lead, UNFCCC
  • Danny Rukasin, Manager, Billie Eilish
  • Dick Massey, Production Coordinator, Billie Eilish | Tour Manager, Finneas
  • Dr. Craig Jones, Director, Circular Ecology
  • Ellie Goulding, Artist
  • Frederic Opsomer, Vice President PRG Global Scenic, MD PRG Projects | Member of the “Major Tom” sustainability initiative
  • Glenda Yoder, Associate Director, FARM AID
  • Harlan Frey, EVP of Touring and Artist Development, Atlantic Records
  • Jaime Nack, President, Three Squares Inc.
  • Jared Braverman, SVP Touring,Live Nation
  • Jason Bailer Losh, Director of Environmental, GCL/ Rock-it Cargo
  • Jean-Oliver Dalphond, Partner & CCO, PixMob, formerly ICLEI
  • Jessica Koravos, Co-chair, President OVG
  • Joel Eriksson, Tour Manager, Fred Again..
  • Jonathan Kessler, Manager, Depeche Mode (Baron Management)
  • Jordan Cohen, Tour Manager, Producer, Musician in Lawrence | Co-Owner of SB Sound Solutions
  • Jordan Wolosky, COO & General Manager, AG Artists, LLC
  • Jules Davis,  Operations and A&R Manager, AG Artists, LLC
  • Josh Javor, Partner & Co-Head of London Music Department, WME
  • Kristen Fulmer, Head of Sustainability, OVG, Director, GOAL
  • Kyle Devine, Professor and Head of Research Training, Department of Musicology. University of Oslo
  • Lesley Olenik, SVP, Global Touring Live Nation
  • Lindsay Arell, Chief Sustainability Officer, ASM Global
  • Lucy August-Perna, Head of Sustainability, Live Nation
  • Luke Howell, Founder & Director, Hope Solutions
  • Madeleine Smith, Director ESG, Warner Music Group
  • Mandi Frost, Co-Manager, Coldplay 
  • Mark Wong, Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of Urban Studies, University of Glasgow
  • Matt Brennan, Professor of Popular Music, University of Glasgow
  • Matthias Christner, Head of Innovation, D&B Audiotechnik
  • Max Tischler, Sustainability Manager, Jack Johnson Music
  • Michael Rapino, President & CEO, Live Nation 
  • Molly Hawkins, Creative Director, Harry Styles
  • Prof Neil Thomas MBE, Founder & Director of Atelier One
  • Nicole Massey, Production Manager for Billie Eilish and FINNEAS
  • Paul Johnson, Creative Design Director, NeonBlack Design
  • Paul Schurink MBE, Co-founder, CEO Showpower
  • Paul Traynor, Stage Manager / Head Electrician, Coldplay 
  • Phil Harvey, Manager, Coldplay
  • Rebecca Travis, Tour Manager, RT Tour Management Limited (Florence + The Machine, Gorillaz, various others)
  • Professor Richard Betts MBE, Head of Climate Impacts Research, University of Exeter
  • Rob Scully, Director, ZAP Concepts
  • Robert Hewett, MD, Stagetruck
  • Robert Kyncl, CEO, Warner Music Group
  • Robin Shaw, Co-Founder, Upstaging, Inc
  • Rosemary Enobakhare, Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategy, Policy, and Strategic Engagement, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Sooner Routhier, Production Designer and Creative Producer, The Playground
  • Steve Heaver, CEO, Involved Group
  • Tadia “T” Taylor, Live Event Producer, Talent Buyer, Music Equality Activist, W.O.Q.E.- Women of Qolor Entertainment
  • Tina Farris, Tour Director/Programmer/Producer, Goodtime Girl Media
  • Tom Chauncey, Partisan Arts, Agent / CEO
  • Tom Schroeder, Executive Vice President, Wasserman Music
  • Tom See, President, Live Nation Venues 
  • Tony Smith, Sound Designer, Audio Director for Coldplay