“You said it.”

“A few weeks ago I was in line for Pearl Jam, but that wasn’t nearly as long as this line.”

“I know what you mean. I thought the line for Up In Smoke was long, but this one seems to go on forever.”

“All the way around the block and back to the start. It’s almost a perfect circle.”

“It was like this when I bought tickets for Bruce Springsteen & The E. Street Band.”

“For the New York shows at Madison Square Garden?”

“Yeah. How did you know?”

“Just a guess. I didn’t think it was for the Little Rock show.”

“I hear you. Say, did you ever score any tickets for Roger Waters?”

“Sure enough. Now that was a long line.”

“As long as this one?”

“No, I don’t think any line is as long as this one.”

“You know Phil’s friend, Mickey? He said the line for was pretty long.”

“Is Phil going to Furthur?”

“Nah, he’s skipping it this year so he can follow Bob Dylan.”

“When I bought Steely Dan tickets, it took an hour to get through the line.”

” Same with Santana. Wait a minute. Something’s going on at the window. Maybe they’re going to hand out wrist bracelets or line numbers.”

“We’ll know in a minute. Hey, look who’s at the front of the line. Isn’t that…?”

“Yep, it’s Lars. Yo! Hey Lars!”

“What’s shakin’, guys?”

“You must have gotten here pretty early to grab first place in line. I didn’t know you were a Diana Ross & The Supremes fan.”

“Uh? Oh, this isn’t the line for Diana Ross.”

“It isn’t? Then what line is this?”

“This is the line to sue Napster.”


“Diana Ross tickets are at the next window. Step right up. No waiting.”

“Gee, Thanks.”

“And be sure to knock on the window a couple of times to wake up the clerk.”