“Coming right up. Say, aren’t you…”

“Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m the Prince of Darkness, but you can call me Satan.”

“I didn’t recognize you without your usual red cloak, horns, hooves and tail.”

“It’s my new look. I started wearing jeans and T-shirts during my last big project.”

“You’re the one responsible for yesterday’s Super Bowl?”

“Nah, I don’t do sports anymore. I’m into music these days.”


“And I’m really happy to be back in the saddle. I’ve been so wrapped up with this big project, that I haven’t had any time to tempt people into spending all their money on concert tickets. And with The Moody Blues, Eric Clapton and Everlast on the road, I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me.”

“I’ll bet. If you didn’t fix yesterday’s game, then what was your last big project? The Clinton pardons?”

“No, he did that on his own. Besides, it’s hard to improve on perfection.”

“Then it must have been that election mess in Florida.”

“I’m afraid not, but I am going to Ft. Lauderdale to see AC/DC open their next tour leg.”

“Sounds like you’re going to be pretty busy.”

“You said it. If I’m not tempting someone to buy tickets for Martina McBride, I’ll be whispering in their ear that they should buy T-shirts for KISS. It’s gonna be a wickedly good year.”

“Well, welcome back, I guess.”

“Thank you. Yes, sir, I really missed being back in action. But now that I’m through brokering that big media merger, it’s gonna be nothing but sin, sin, sin.”

“That was you?”

“Yep. One of my finest hours. Now, all I have to do is collect my commission.”

“You mean…”

“That’s right. Now that AOL owns Time Warner, there’s hell to pay.”