In this time of sorrow

On the passing of your husband, Pete
Since you won’t be seeing Alice Cooper
Could you gimme your front row seats?

For years people asked for a greeting card that’s written with the concert fan in mind. A greeting card that puts life’s milestones in the proper perspective along with tour schedules for bands like Good Charlotte, Los Lobos and Weezer. A greeting card for the rest of us.

Congratulations on the adoption

Of your five-year-old Russian refugee boy
If I hadn’t spent my money on Destiny’s Child
I could have afforded to buy him a toy

No flowery missives reeking with false compassion and bogus sentiments. No one-size-fits-all messages describing emotions that are foreign to you. With a greeting card, you’ll say exactly what’s on your mind.

Best wishes on your retirement

I hope this doesn’t sound too crass
But if I give you money to buy Mitch Ryder tickets
Can you get a discount by using your senior pass?

Express the thoughts that you’ve always wanted to say, and turn life’s special moments into opportunities to see great shows like Wayne “The Train” Hancock and Gregg Allman & Friends. The next time you’re at a loss for words, select a greeting card.

Today is your birthday

Happy birthday Mother
I don’t suppose you could tell me
Which U2 roadie is my father? greeting cards. For when you just don’t care enough to send the very best.