And Monday afternoons aren’t any better. Between the noise from the caterer setting up the trays of sushi in the bright California sun and the bartender giving us flimsy excuses as to why he’s out of good single malt Scotch, we sometimes find ourselves wondering why we even bother. Like, does anyone really care that we have to put up with previously frozen salmon for lunch? Or that the dates for Emerson Drive and Widespread Panic were processed in an environment that not only permits, but even encourages such conditions?

And that’s when it hits us. Sometime after we’ve aired our disgust about the soggy cakes our chef prepares for afternoon tea and before the 4:30 p.m. rubdowns, we realize that this gigantic mega-corporation is more than just listing the dates for Keith Sykes, John Prine and Incubus. It’s about people. People like you.

It’s knowing that you depend on us for the new dates for Primer 55, Little Feat and Lil’ Romeo that makes this job worthwhile, despite the improperly chilled martini shakers or management’s dastardly habit of using domestic rocks in the sauna. Despite all of these shortcomings and obviously substandard working conditions, if we can supply you with the tour dates you need, whether it’s the schedules for Bonnie Raitt, Puddle Of Mudd or Robin Williams, then we’ve not only done our jobs, but we’ve done our jobs well. And we’ll try not to gripe too loud about Mondays ever again.

But don’t even get us started on what Tuesdays are like at We’ll just say that Tuesdays are worse than Mondays, and leave it at that. Okay?