Here’s the deal.

While other Web sites offer you chat rooms, forums and pop-up ads, we’re bringing it all back home by emphasizing three great American traditions; sex, violence and rock ‘n roll. For example, you’ve heard of Celebrity Boxing? We’re taking that concept to the 12th power with Pop Star Combat. Every Monday night our Pollstar Premium members will be able to watch live streaming video featuring the biggest stars of today, like Alanis Morissette and Bob Dylan, doing what they do best; beating each other to a bloody pulp. It all starts next month with a kick boxing spectacular featuring Elton John taking on Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band in a 12 round death match. Remember, this is only for your amusement. No betting, please.

On Tuesdays we’ve hooked up with the Discovery Channel to bring you film footage of things that most people have only heard described in whispered asides while at shows by and Gus Gus. When Roadies Mate debuts in September and promises to be THE water-cooler event of the year. You’ll watch the men and women who set up the stages for Leftover Salmon, Sheryl Crow and No Doubt as they practice mating rituals so bizarre that up until now these graphic scenes of moral depravity were only available via brown-paper packages mailed from Ottawa. For mature audiences only.

Of course, we’ll have great rock ‘n roll as well. Our Pollstar Premium members will be showered with tour information for bands like The Damned and Doves. And we’ve goosed Auto Notify to the max. Starting in September, those who sign up to be messaged whenever Robert Plant or Lake Trout add new dates will receive more than just an email and a link. Our staff of professionals will come to your home and actually tattoo the dates on your forehead, mirror image of course, so that you can read them while shaving or brushing your teeth. Just click on the “Memento” button to sign up.

We’re really excited about Pollstar Premium, and you should be too. We’re going to change the way you look at tour dates, like Enrique Iglesias in Salt Lake City on October 26. We’re going to push the envelope on live-event info and carve our own niche in Internet history. As Bill Shatner would say, “This is big. Really big.”

In fact, we’re betting it’s going to be as big as Napster is today. And that’s saying a lot right there.