No shows have been announced for the period between the band’s last U.S. gig (December 13) and their first European set next year, although they have said there are plans to tour Australia sometime in 2003.

The crew will be back to the States for a series of multiple shows in major cities next summer for the “Homecoming” leg. Multiple shows in major cities are in the works that tour.

Unlike previous tours, The Rising tour has the band playing just a single show in each city.

“Our approach is to bring the music out to as wide a cross-section of the country as we could,” Springsteen manager Jon Landau said. “So, we’re taking this barnstorming approach – one city, one show.”

Another deviation from the usual Springsteen tour format is the exclusion of seats on the floor. Landau said the new configuration adds “looseness and excitement” to the show.