The outing launches June 7 in California and wraps one month later in Indianapolis. Prior to making his U.S. return, Gabriel will be in Europe, wowing audiences with his spectacular stage show.

Staged by Robert Le Page – who also did Gabriel’s 1993 Secret World Live Tour – Gabriel’s live show is a spectacular production to behold, complete with the gigantic hamster ball and state-of-the-art lighting and video.

However, it appears his second round in the States will prove a more stripped-down take on the Growing Up Live production. In order to accommodate more venues – suspending around 30 tons of equipment from the ceiling eliminated many on the tour last year – the new tour will feature a similar show design, but not an exact replication.

Backing Gabriel, who was nominated for best male rock vocal performance at this year’s Grammys, are David Rhodes (guitars), Richard Evans (guitars, mandolin), Tony Levin (bass), Rachel Z (keys), Ged Lynch (drums, percussion), and his daughter Melanie Gabriel (backing vocals).

Tickets for the Growing Up Live tour go on sale March 9. Pre-sale dates will be available through getAccess.

Gabriel is donating $1.50 of every ticket to the international human rights organization Witness, which he co-founded. The group focuses on strengthening the work of local human rights advocates by providing them with communications technology.