Hey, Frank! How’s it going, old pal. You look great. You’ve been working out? It shows. Say, Frank? Dwight Yoakam is coming to town next month and I was wondering if -“

“Forget it, Roger. I’m not lending you any money.”

“Oh, come on, Frank. I’ll pay you back.”

“That’s what you said when you hit me up last week for money to buy those 3 Doors Down tickets.”

“I know. I’m working on it.”

“Then the week before you needed money for RX Bandits and Def Leppard.”

“I know. I know. And I’ll pay you back just as soon as I get a job.”

“A job? Roger, you been talking about getting a job for the past ten years.”

“And I will get a job, Frank. It just takes a little time.”

“That’s what you always say. What ever happened to that one job you were talking about. You know, the clerk position down at Ticketmaster?”

“Errr… I flunked the physical.”

“And what about that job as Bob Dylan’s interpreter?”

“Uh… I couldn’t learn to speak without moving my lips.”

“Right. And last week you said you were on the list for the job hanging lighting trusses for that Justin Timberlake / Christina Aguilera tour. What happened to that job, Roger?”

“It fell through.”

“I thought so. And now you hitting me up for cash to buy more concert tickets. Do you think I’m made of money? Who do you think I am? Springsteen?”

“But, Frank, I’ve got a line on a really good job. The pay is great. I’ll be able to afford all the tickets I want, like for shows by Melissa Etheridge, The Allman Brothers Band and Natalie MacMaster. Plus, I’ll be able to pay you back. With interest.”


“What do you say?”

“I don’t know, Roger. Just how close are you to getting this job.”

“Pretty close, Frank.”

“Pretty close?”

“Well, I’ve got a good chance.”

“Just a ‘good chance,’ Roger?”

“Hey, I’m working on it, Frank. I’m on the list, and I’ve got just as good a chance as anyone else going for the job.”

“I see. So, you think you might land this job, eh, Roger?”

“Like I said, I’m in the running. Just one thing, though.”

“What’s that, Roger?”

“I’d have a better chance if only Arnold would drop out of the race.”