Sure you would. Who wouldn’t love to see their favorite artist or band for less than it might cost for a bottle of Jose Cuervo and bag of fresh limes? After all, isn’t it about time that the concert consumer got a break?

That’s why we’re introducing a brand new way to sell tickets. You say you want to spend less than $30 for a pair of tickets for Celine Dion? You got it! You say you want to see Toby Keith, but you only have $15 and some change? No problem! You say you want to buy tickets for Queensryche, Jackson Browne and blink-182, yet have enough left over to feed your family? Your wish is our command!

Here’s how it works.

First off, it’s no secret that the big boys already dominate the concert ticket industry. Ticketmaster,, that guy with the tattoos and eye patch who hangs out on the street corner outside the local sports arena, they all have exclusive rights to sell tickets. Heck, they cornered the market years ago, leaving little room for a brash, take-no-prisoners Web site like ours to enter the ticket-selling business. That’s why we’ve invented a revolutionary, world-shattering, groundbreaking method to put you in the seats for the hottest shows around, including John Mayer, Elvis Costello or Kid Rock, for far less than it will cost you to fill your gas tank and grab a sixer-to-go on the night of the show.

How do we do it? It starts by picking your geographical location – West Coast, East Coast or Flyover – and then submit a bid. $10, $15, $20, it makes no difference for no bid is too low or too insulting. Then, if we can find a price that meets your offer, we’ll sell you the tickets. That’s right! You pick the price and location, we pick the artist and concert. Such a deal!

Imagine! Eric Clapton for a buck! Bette Midler for $20! It could happen at where you pick the price and we pick the show. Of course, let’s be reasonable. A dollar is more likely to get your hand stamped at the corner tavern on amateur night than it is to get you into the sports arena for Sting or Alan Jackson, but that’s half the fun.

When will this original way of selling tickets begin? Well, we still have to work out a few bugs. For instance, we need a name that denotes that our price line is the best in the biz, something that signifies that we’ve got a hot wire when it comes to tickets for Phish, The Moody Blues and Pink. Secondly, we need a celebrity spokesperson, someone that is instantly recognizable and commands respect. Right now we’re leaning towards Leonard Nimoy. That is, as long as he agrees to wear the ears.

You pick your price, we pick the shows. Gosh, we gotta feeling this is going to be big. Really big.