Are you looking for adventure? Thrills? Maybe even… Romance?

Do you want more than just a list of dates for Keb’ Mo’ or a breakdown of cities that Martina McBride is playing this fall? Do you long for the delight of inner fulfillment, and the ecstasy of reaching one’s potential? Do you want fame? Fortune? The intense rush of having your cake AND eating it too?”

Are you looking for some way to transcend the cerebral stimulation brought about by cross-indexing concert dates, such as combining, then sorting the dates for Snow Patrol with the list of shows on Barry Manilow’s itinerary? Do you desire the intellectual nirvana that only comes about after reading the list of Euro venues for Madonna? Are you striving for that deep, existential knowledge that’s often hidden between the dates for The Samples or Static-X? Are you looking for a yin that’s compatible to your yang?

Are you searching for that sense of accomplishment, that goal at the end of the highway, that oasis beyond the horizon? Do you seek pleasure, mirth, and contentment in the hidden message behind the dates for Toto? Are you looking for universal peace, understanding, unconditional love, and total, global harmony and tranquility? Is that the reason, the purpose, the quest that brings you to our site day after day after day? Is that what you want?

Well, let us know when you find it. All we have to offer is tour dates. Such is life.