We know what brings you to this Web site day after day. We know what drives you to look up the dates for Danzig or eyeball the new additions for Aaron Neville and M.I.A. We know what makes you click.


That’s right. Data. As in cold hard facts. Details. Truth.


And we have plenty of reality for you. We’re dishing it out 24/7. Reality, like the new itineraries for Sara Gazarek and Raul Midon. Reality, like the routing for Joe Bonamassa. Reality, like Gwen Stefani playing in Fresno on November 25. Now, that’s reality.

Sad to say, but there aren’t that many people like you as there used to be. There’s been a cultural wrinkle, a shift in the pop paradigm, so to speak. People aren’t accepting reality like they used to. They prefer fantasy, fiction and make-believe. They abhor the concrete while they embrace the illusion. They can’t face something as solid as the multiple Oakland dates for U2, or The Rolling Stones playing two shows at the . They can’t handle the truth.

But that’s not you. Oh, no. You thrive on reality. You love the brass tacks version of life represented in the touring calendars for The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Tower Of Power. You adore the genuineness of a show date for The White Stripes, and you worship the literal interpretation of the listing for Paul Anka. No doubt about it, when it comes to reality, you’re first in line.

Unfortunately, there are people in this world that are not like you. People who forego reality every day in favor of spin, rumors and gossip. People who can’t stand something as real as Al Green, November 3 & 4, New York.

But that’s not you, thank goodness. You’re not like them. You don’t need your reality filtered through rose-colored, ideological glasses, then shaped, molded, bent, folded and mutilated to meet a predetermined notion of legitimacy. You welcome, no, you bask in reality’s glow. You dig in for the long haul, grabbing dates for Angelique Kidjo, glancing over schedules for Neil Sedaka and Judas Priest and snatching listings for The Kissers, KMFDM and Steve Hackett. Yeah, that’s you to a T. You and all your friends who are into reality as much as you.

And the rest of them? Those people who choose fantasy over reality? What about them?

Oh, they’ll always have a place in society. They may not understand reality like you do. They may not appreciate the logic of Maroon 5 playing in Atlantic City on July 30, but they’ll continue to thrive in their own self-constructed worlds of merry illusion. You see, it’s all relative. It’s all part of that universal balance on the cosmic tipping beam known as life. You’ll stick with reality.

And they’ll stick with their jobs in Washington, DC.