Overnight Sensation …

Reading the following items scheduled to post between now and tomorrow morning will make you a better person. And thinner. And smarter. Promise.

Addresses Rumors – The band schedules a press conference to discuss its future and kicks off a spring tour.

Prepare For Early Spring Trek – The Canadian quartet hits the road for a headlining run and a support slot for The Cult.

Link-O-Rama …

Robert Plant turns down £100million (almost $199 million U.S.) for Zeppelin tour – Sunday Mirror U.K.

What do you get when you cross an Internet radio player with an alarm clock, a picture frame and maybe even a gerbil? Quite possibly the least threatening electronic device … Ever!Sydney Morning Herald

“Jackass” star Steve-O arrested in Hollywood for investigation of vandalism and having a controlled substance – San Jose Mercury News / Associated Press (registration may be required)

EMI wants to do to Pink Floyd and David Bowie what the label has already done to The Beatles. – The Times Online U.K.

Japanese inventors come up with way to harness winking power for controlling iPods – Scopical AU

Paula Abdul says “American Idol” is a “… major force to be reckoned with in the music industry.” – Boston Herald

Dates, Dates & More Dates …

Yet more dates for Emerson Drive. Today’s new show additions include stops in Nashville in April, Henderson (Nevada) and Fredericton (New Brunswick) in May, Nashville and Dauphin (Manitoba) in June, Petawawa (Ontario) in July and South Jordan (Utah), Grand Island (Nebraska), Stirling (Ontario), Webster (Massachusetts), Bishop (California) and Dillon (Montana) in August.

We just posted several new listings for Shelby Lynne for April and May. Host cities (doesn’t that sound sooo sci-fi?), include New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Austin in April, San Francisco, and Solana Beach (California) in May.

And we have a few new May and June United Kingdom dates for New Model Army. Cites include Stroud, Blackburn, Swansea and Holmfirth.

During the day we also updated the schedules for Eric Clapton, Jack Johnson, Anthony Gomes, Katt Williams, Alice Peacock, Billy Joel, Hot Tuna, Jonathan Butler, Johnny Winter, Apocalyptica, Gin Blossoms, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Killing Joke, Galactic, Flogging Molly, Exile, Elvin Bishop, Eve 6, Eric Lindell, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Queers, Margaret Cho, Killswitch Engage, Jessica Sonner, Ray Price, Zen Tricksters, Hal Ketchum, plus many more artists and bands. Some so new we don’t even have names for ’em yet.

And that’s the big finale for Monday, March 3, 2008. Thank you for your time and we hope we can be of service again tomorrow. Goodnight, pleasant dreams and may all your ticket service charges be small ones.