Jack White Talks About The Dead Weather

Jack White previously told “Esquire” that he “always returns to the number three,” using it “as a basis for everything I do. Red, white, black. Vocals, guitar, drums. Storytelling, rhythm, melody.” Guess it was inevitable a third band would eventually be added to his resume that includes The White Stripes and The Raconteurs.

Last night, White introduced The Dead Weather to the music world with a private party in Nashville where the band performed and showed off its new album, HoreHound.

Photo: AP Photo
The Dead Weather, from left, Jack Lawrence, Alison Mosshart, Jack White and Dean Fertita.

The Dead Weather features Alison Mosshart of The Kills on vocals, Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age on guitar and Jack Lawrence of The Greenhornes and The Raconteurs on bass. White handles vocals and drums.

“The idea was to do a 7-inch single and be done with it, but we started writing songs and something happened,” White said.

The party took place at White’s new Third Man Records building, the new headquarters for his record label, according to the Tennessean. The building is also set to feature a record store, photo studio and performance stage.

The invitation-only event included Sheryl Crow, Martina McBride and White Stripe Meg White and about 150 guests.

Horehound is set for release in June and will feature 10 original tracks along with a cover of Bob Dylan’s “New Pony,” according to E! online. The Dead Weather’s debut single, “Hang You From the Heavens” is already available to add to your collection on iTunes.

White says the band also has plans to hit the road on tour this year.

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