Blame it on Conan O’Brien. The talk show host and the rest of his crew are moving from New York City to Los Angeles when he takes over “Tonight Show” reins from Jay Leno this June. That means Weinberg had to ask The Boss for some time off so he could work for his NBC boss.

Weinberg is taking some time off to tour with E Street, as he has done for three previous tours since 1999 when Springsteen reformed the band. However, O’Brien’s move to the West Coast and that 11:30 pm timeslot means no time off for any staffers, including the leader of the Max Weinberg 7, O’Brien’s “house” band. This will be the first time Weinberg has missed playing with E Street since he joined the band in 1974.

Who’s filling in for Weinberg when Springsteen and E Street play Europe? That would be his son, Jay Weinberg, according to the New York Post.

Turns out O’Brien’s move to Los Angeles caused some anguish for the elder Weinberg and his family. Like Springsteen, the drummer is a long-time East Coast resident and wasn’t exactly thrilled with moving to California, reports the Post. What’s more, when the tour plans came together, the European leg conflicted with Conan’s debut as the “Tonight Show’s” host.

This won’t be the first time son Jay has played with E Street. Last summer the younger Weinberg played drums on “Born To Run” at Giants Stadium.

Max Weinberg has often remarked he has memorized over 1,000 Springsteen songs and can play any of them at a moment’s notice. Don’t know if that’s the same with his son, but this summer European audiences will get a chance to see just how far the apple has fallen from the tree.

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