Friday Fun: Before The Fame

Here’s the scenario: You’re talking concerts with your friends, perhaps commenting on your U2 seats, buying Pearl Jam tickets or hoping against hope for a Shaggs reunion when someone says, “I remember seeing. … back in the day. Back before they were famous.”

Photo: AP Photo
Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England

We all have special memories of catching then-unknown bands or artists before they achieved success. Maybe you saw Katy Perry on a sidestage before she she ever sang about kissing a girl, a pre-Nevermind Nirvana in a Seattle club during the late ‘80s, Rush opening for ZZ Top more than 30 years ago, Van Halen supporting Black Sabbath in the late ‘70s or even Bob Dylan doing his Woody Guthrie tribute in Greenwich Village in 1961 before John Hammond signed him to Columbia Records.

Photo: Bobby Talamine
Marcus Amphitheater, Milwaukee, Wis.

Photo: AP Photo
Madison Square Garden Arena, New York City.

Everybody starts somewhere, and chances are you saw someone on the road to success. Now’s the time to talk about it. Who did you see before they became famous? Springsteen? The Police? Britney? Just drop your memories in the comment thread below.