The Fray Vs Ex-Manager

The former manager of The Fray won a legal round yesterday with the judge ruling he would consider whether the band’s lawyer completely informed the group about a publishing contract.

The judicial dustup is about ownership of the band’s catalog. The Fray filed suit against former manager Gregg Latterman, claiming he failed to disclose details in a 2005 publishing contract that gave him ownership of part of the band’s music.

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Latterman filed countersuits claiming the band had breached its contract and owed him more than $75,000 in commissions and expenses.

During yesterday’s court hearing, U.S. District Court Judge Boyd Boland said he would consider Latterman’s claim that band lawyer J. Reid Hunter was aware of the contract’s provision giving the former manager partial ownership of the song catalog.

Latterman also alleges the band tried to get rid of him before his contract with the group expired and forced him to accept smaller payments as the group’s success grew.

But this may all be settled before in the weeks ahead. A settlement conference is scheduled for May 19.