Kim Fowley Dies

Kim Fowley, one of the legendary characters of the Hollywood music scene of the 1960s and ‘70s as well as manager of The Runaways, died Jan. 15 at 75. 


Fowley battled bladder cancer in recent years, and was reportedly cared for in his last months by former Runaway Cherie Currie. He also wrote a number of novelty records early in his career, and as a talent scout had a hand in advancing the careers of Warren Zevon and Cat Stevens, according to Variety.

In his later years, he worked with E Street Band member and Sirius XM “Underground Garage” host Steven Van Zandt. “A good friend. One of a kind. He’d been everywhere, done everything, knew everybody. He was working in the Underground Garage until last week. We should all have as full a life,” Van Zandt told Variety.