Reviews: Pink, Stars Of ‘Nashville’, Roy Orbison Hologram & More

This week, for your reading enjoyment, we have compiled critical reviews of live performances from Pink in Washington, D.C.; Nashville In Concert in Manchester, England; Roy Orbison (Hologram) in Glasgow, Scotland; Ludacris in Wilmington, N.C.; Dweezil Zappa in Buffalo, N.Y.; Jason Isbell in Clearwater, Fla.; and Frankie Cosmos in San Diego.

Brett Schauf
– Pink
Pink and her “Beautiful Trauma World Tour” stops at Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kan.

Pink @ Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C., April 16 – “As if her dazzling dance moves and stellar vocals were not enough, Pink impressed with her genuine compassion and generosity, as she often addressed the crowd as though her audience members were old friends.” – Kathryn Baker / The Hoya

Stars Of ‘Nashville’ Concert Tour @ Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, April 18 – “There’s plenty of heart tonight as the cast say a final farewell to their UK fans. … All talented musicians and singers with their own projects outside the show, the stars perform a well-rehearsed routine of fan favourites along with their own original songs and some carefully chosen covers, backed by an impressive house band.” – Emily Heward / Manchester Evening News

Roy Orbison: In Dreams (Hologram Tour) @

Ludacris @ Justin Lacy / Star News Online

Dweezil Zappa @ UB Center For The Arts in Buffalo, N.Y., April 18 – “Zappa fans take this music incredibly seriously, so an air of reverence for this truly unique and demanding body of work pervaded the CFA. That said, so much humor is embedded in the compositions, and such a good-natured musical-sparring-infused attitude was tossed back and forth between the musicians on the stage, that levity balanced the reverence, creating a vibe that was both serious and tongue-in-cheek. That is the magic of Zappa music, the crux of the brilliant biscuit, to borrow an F.Z. phrase.” – Jeff Miers / Gusto

Jason Isbell @ Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Fla., April 17 – “Nashville. Few songwriters anywhere have Isbell’s powerful sense of setting and storytelling. As his guitar crunched and growled and wailed, Isbell walked fans among church pews and into the mines, out back of the bar and through a maze of tombstones. If you weren’t singing along, you were absorbing the yarns Isbell spun.” – Jay Cridlin / Tampa Bay Times

Frankie Cosmos @ Queen Bee’s in San Diego, Calif., April 10 – “Cosmos’s audience mirrored the band’s character: Save for a smattering of hoots and hollers, the crowd maintained a calm, laid-back, and, in Kline’s words, ‘chill,’ temperament. … The band’s songs flowed into one another smoothly, united by similar tempos and sounds, and a general brevity.” – Maya Kleiman / The Guardian