NBA Legend Dennis Rodman Appointed Head Of Business Development For Houston-Based Ticket Broker

Dennis Rodman
AP Photo / Wong Maye-E
– Dennis Rodman
arrives at Singapore

Eccentric NBA hall of famer and political diplomat Dennis Rodman has been appointed head of business development for Houston-based ticket broker
“Well, the coolest thihng I’ve done lately, besides my recent trip, is I’m part of a major corporation called I’m the lead adviser of Business Development,” Rodman said in a statement. “These guys are a leader in event ticket sales, they invest in major events worldwide; Super Bowl, NBA, Final Four, every concert on the planet, Hamilton, you name it man – it’s a perfect fit for me, because I love sports and I love music.” partner Marcus Stern said, “Dennis knows everybody from athletes to movie stars to (obviously) politicians and heads of state. That’s perfect because he will be handling the premium ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences for the company.”
Rodman was just getting back from a historical summit he says he he helped facilitate in Singapore that brought together North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump. His trip was reportedly funded by Potcoin, a Marijuana cryptocurrency. says its projected sales for 2018 will be approximately $100 million, and touts that its broker affiliate program allows brokers to focus on the core of their business, differentiating itself by fully funding inventory costs and offering consulting services and inventory management. 
The site currently advertises for tickets from Pink, Phil Collins and other popular shows.